April 03, 2007

The Gay "Right" To Parenthood

A baby-making-and-selling clinic in LA has just launched "the first dedicated program for gay men wanting to become parents."

According to the article, the clinic says that it is "responding to huge demand from gay male couples around the world who want their own biological children but are often thwarted by prejudice and bureaucracy."

Ah, of COURSE...it's societal discrimination that prevents gay couples from having children!

Not to mention that ever-present, natural and maddeningly non-partisan obstacle: biology.

Well hey, if you're going to go the extra mile and buy a baby for $60,000 (the average cost at the clinic), why not choose the sex? "three-quarters of gay couples pay extra to choose the sex of their baby"(over 60% want boys). And why not choose the hair color and eye color? Wouldn't want baby to clash with the accessories. What about choosing the temperament and intelligence? Wouldn't want a baby that's too demanding and hampers the lifestyle. All the choices are available as the purchasing prospective parents sift through donor attributes.

So you see, when preparing to have a donor baby, there are so many things to mull over and worry about that are much more important than whether your future baby will have a mommy or not. After all, mommies are so passe and culturally imposed upon us. They don't really contribute anything irreplaceable or special, either because of their biological relationship or because of their gender - and neither do daddies. Everyone is replaceable and interchangeable, because all that matters is love, love, love...like in that song by the Beatles. It doesn't matter who loves you, as long as someone does.

And if you say anything else, then you're just plain being mean and discriminatory to those who can't produce their own children.

Notice for those who don't want to wear the big yellow star labelled "bigot and homophobe": better get on the bandwagon and support the elimination of children's fundamental human rights to know and be raised by both of their natural, biological parents.


Anonymous said...

No, you're not a bigot and a homophone because you support "children's fundamental human rights to know and be raised by both of their natural, biological parents". You're a bigot and a homophobe because you imply that gays who want to have children are narcissistic and concerned only about hampering their lifestyle. That's absurd. Believe me, there are far more convenient fashion accessories.

I really don't know how you avoid choking on your own bile. I can only assume that you are bathed in the smugness of having personally reproduced the "correct" way and thus motivated to pass judgment upon all who, for whatever reason, cannot do as you did.

What an ugly, arrogant thing is this blog.

Anonymous said...

The worst part of it all is that you link to several blogs of people who have struggled with infertility... why? So you can send people to go harass them?

Are you infertile? You say you know that infertility is tragic, but *how* do you know that? So, uh, because a man has cancer treatment that destroys his chance to have biological children, he should, what, suffer the rest of his life? And the woman he loves, who is physically able to bear children, she should suffer too? Perhaps God "meant" for him to have cancer, and he never should have sought treatment in the first place...

Cleary, such a couple shouldn't adopt- for that would mean raising a "biological stranger."

It must be nice to have everything so figured out. You're doing a lot of great work here. My only solace is that from the looks of it, your traffic is low. Thank God.

MomEtc. said...

This blog is nothing but thinly veiled homophobia.

Shame on you! I don't believe for one second that you are really so concerned for children.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear oh dear anonymouses and
mometc. The truth hurts doesn't it?

Let me ask *you*: Have you any idea what it's like to be the child of donor-conception? Have you any idea what it's like to know that your father abandoned you without a second though, and that you will never know him?

And, no, anonymous, Veronica is not being homophobic in any way. The idea that children are a "lifestyle choice", or a "fashion accessory" is not unique to homosexuals. It's a sorry consequence of societies refusal to acknowledge the importance of parents.

Unfortunately it is hard to feel you'll never have your own children. You're sadly deluded if you think it's easier being a child of donor conception.

Veronica again is perfectly understanding and accurate.

-- Tom

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.