January 13, 2009

New Blog by Donor-Conceived Adults

A great new blog has just started. It is called Donor-Conceived Perspectives: Voices from the Offspring. Very worth visiting. For all those people who are considering using donor gametes to have children, please read the entries on that blog first, and listen to the voices of the actual children who resulted from donor insemination.

I've seen a lot of parents who used donor insemination say: "well, my child is just fine with it! My child is happy!" This new blog is a nice wake-up call. A lot of the parents who say their children are fine with being conceived using donor sperm have children who are toddlers or young kids. But what about when those same children become teenagers? And what about when they become adults? And what about when they have their own children? Nothing in the world can guarantee that your children will be happy/okay about being donor-conceived for their entire lives. Even when they were previously happy or not interested in their origins, something can trigger a deeper reflection for them and cause them to start mourning their biological father (see the entry by Damien Adams).