January 13, 2009

New Blog by Donor-Conceived Adults

A great new blog has just started. It is called Donor-Conceived Perspectives: Voices from the Offspring. Very worth visiting. For all those people who are considering using donor gametes to have children, please read the entries on that blog first, and listen to the voices of the actual children who resulted from donor insemination.

I've seen a lot of parents who used donor insemination say: "well, my child is just fine with it! My child is happy!" This new blog is a nice wake-up call. A lot of the parents who say their children are fine with being conceived using donor sperm have children who are toddlers or young kids. But what about when those same children become teenagers? And what about when they become adults? And what about when they have their own children? Nothing in the world can guarantee that your children will be happy/okay about being donor-conceived for their entire lives. Even when they were previously happy or not interested in their origins, something can trigger a deeper reflection for them and cause them to start mourning their biological father (see the entry by Damien Adams).


Kitty said...

Are you kidding me? Nothing in the world can guarantee that ANY child will be happy to be conceived, born, parented, or educated the way they were. There are plenty of children out there ruing the day they were born to their parents, regardless of how they were conceived.

Last I heard, happiness/being okay with your situation in life, is your CHOICE, not your RIGHT.

Furthermore, adopted children are AT LEAST as likely to be interested in their origins as those conceived via donor. Yet you have no problem with adoption, do you?

You've chosen to pick on one of the most under-represented, and least-supported groups of people - those who are infertile. You clearly have no idea what it's like not to be able to conceive your own child, but are so willing to condemn those who are already broken. I sincerely hope nothing in your life leads you to making a decision as heartbreaking and controversial as whether to utilize ART.

In MY opinion, your efforts would be better spent educating minors, drug addicts, and abusers about the joys of contraception. They're FAR more likely to do harm to their children than couples who would go to the ends of the earth to have a child of their own.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Colin said...

Just an observation Kitty,

Children who are adopted are generally “rescued” from an otherwise unsatisfactory family environment. Why would any sane person object to such a thing?

However, children conceived through donor sperm/egg aren’t “rescued” from anything. Instead they are intentionally placed in a situation where they are deliberately prevented from having a normal child – parent relationship with at least one of their natural parents.

And why are such children deliberately placed in this situation? Answer – So some adult can fulfil her desire to have a child of her own.

Kitty, one day when you grow up I hope you’ll realize it’s not all about you.

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