September 04, 2007

Product mix-up

What a mess. White babies born to a white-black married couple that was supposed to have used the husband's sperm. The parents sue for emotional distress: yes, evidently. They have now separated under the stress; a divorce is probably on the horizon if the wife decides to keep these third party babies.

Similarly, IVF clinic boo-boos apparently happen quite often, and one nonprofit has decided to start keeping tabs. I smell lots of lawsuits in the air. The product ordered was not delivered; sub-par baby is an "emotional distress.


Unknown said...

I've only just scanned a bit of your site, and I wonder if you feel the same way about adoption. Because I believe that a lot about what you say about repro-tech also applies to the buying and selling of living breathing babies who were born to parents that aren't raising them.

Unknown said...

"Apparently, adults have a "right" to a baby. And before they are born, babies have no rights at all. They can be bought and sold, or traded from person to person.

Even after they are born, some of their natural rights are not recognized or respected. They had better not complain about not having their "natural" or biological parents. If they mind, they are ungrateful. After all, we cuddle them and spoil them and shower them with love - just like our pets."

I agree with this completely as it relates to both donors and adoption.

Anonymous said...

Adoption can be a terrible mess too.

Anonymous said...

what a sanctimonious lot!

so miss & tom, what do you propose we do with those children that have, through death or other circumstances, no parents to care for them?!
euthanise them?
keep'em nice'n'safe in orphanages?
run them through the warm, welcoming revolving door of that most beloved of institutions, foster care?

what tangible, practical solutions can you provide other than mindless emotional critique?

or it doesn't really matter since the "children" whom you write of so passionately are mere ideas, abstractions through which to vent your misguided ideals & not 3-D beings in the actual world....

maybe thinking about it is simply too much...too hard....*sigh* out of sight out of mind then....just do your bit by complaining....

yes, I have known unhappy adopted children, but what of the children living with biological or, as you put it, "natural" parents who live in hellish conditions or are utterly miserable due to incompatible personalities?

and speaking of children's rights, does a child have the right to opt out of a family with whom he or she feels no attachment, no connection/ease?

or are those rights abrogated because the child is "lucky" & already lives with his "biological" family?

and if the child is the result of the genetic material of at least one of the 2 parents, how is that child being "denied" access to his "natural" parents?

what if your biological parents have absolutely no desire to see you? what then?

suppsing the adopted child is the result of rape, or otherwise unwanted pregnancy, but the biological mother was against abortion, how is it helpful to force a meeting? Should she be brutalised yet again by this intrusion? does the child "need" this "natural" parent under these circumstances?

"...After all, we cuddle them and spoil them and shower them with love - just like our pets."

miss, what is it that you are trying to say?

that adopted children, or children who are the result of what you deem "unnatural" processes shouldn't be cuddled or showered with love? that pets are not "real" focii of attention?
or being animals, pets are not deserving of love?

that adoption is a flippant matter to the prospective parents, & that they can never "truly" love--whatever that means to you--the child they adopt seriously because they are not biologically related?

I don't understand your argument: perhaps it is because you have none.

or worse, you are so self-righteous in your zeal to make your point you refuse to examine the possibility that parenting is not based on biology but on actions/methodology?

Seriously do you people actually think or do you only emote?!?!?!?

Your comments speak volumes of the contempt with which you hold those who wish to love & care for children, who are willing to spend their time, money, goodwill to care for a child who, through circumstances outside his/her control, does not have parental support or parents.

How despicable!

I do not say that there are no problems with adoptions, that the trade of children stolen from parents as a commodity doesn't exist or that there are not prospective parents who are flawed & should not be given the reigns over another human being's life--the same could be said of MANY "natural" parents!

the solution lies not in banning adoption or participating in masturbatory moralism, but in analyzing the underlying factors driving the problems.


Then I would consider you true advocates for children.

The arrogance of your assertions that "biological" parents are better is nauseating and unfounded.