August 09, 2007

A sperm donor reaches out to his kids, and they want to call him "Dad"

This is what all those "intended" parents dread. They spend so much of their energy convincing themselves and each other that the biological parents don't matter to the child. They talk about how their child is happy and well adjusted, successful and popular, and well, nothing is missing from the child's life.

Then one day, the sperm donor shows up on the scene. And the child calls him DAD! How could this aberration have happened?

The moms in this article don't seem to mind, because they are mostly single moms "by choice." Their children don't have a father figure at all, so they are all just delighted to make contact with their real father.

But for those people who have spent their parenting years convincing the children that the sperm donor is a nobody, that he is a "friend" or a "good man" or an "uncle" who merely donated a cell to help "mommy and daddy" make baby, this story must be the source of shivers and nightmares.

For all those who think that the donor isn't the real father - this one admits it openly! And the kids couldn't be happier about it.

Read the story here.

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