August 24, 2007

UK - committee suggests that birth certificates record donor conception

This is real progress. In the UK, a parliamentary committee has recommended that birth certificates let children know that they were donor conceived. That's wonderful news, especially since about 90% of donor-conceived children still don't even know it. Their so-called parents, who are really adoptive parents, biological strangers who ordered and bought these children from their real parents - don't even have to tell the resulting children of their true origins. As if it didn't matter. As if it shouldn't matter.

Some people have criticized this recommendation as "state intrusion on the sensitive and personal parental choice as to if an when to tell their child". Oooooh, so sorry. I forgot that it's always all about the parents. Naturally, the children have NO rights in this regard! They don't have the right to know who their parents are or where they come from! For all they care and for all it matters, they might have come from Crypton like Superman, and they shouldn't ask any questions. They can go on believing that they have Irish blood from their social father, who is actually not related to them. They can go on thinking that they face the risk of inheritable breast cancer from their mother's side, although she is in reality not related to them. It's all in their best interest, and love is all that matters.


Anonymous said...

Actually, due to metagenetics - a very real part of genetics - the child borne of an egg from one woman carried by another does "inherit" certain traits by what is "turned on" in utero.

You really should do some scientific research before saying something untrue. It would be more accurate to say these children have 3 biological parents. This is much more true than the banned cytoplasmic transfer wherein albumin from one egg is added to a weak egg from the woman trying to get pregnant. The main problem - aneuploidy - could be controlled for by doing mitochondrial matching, but ignorance is the religion of today.



Stella said...


If you are hoping to imply that donation of egg or off-spring is okay then please understand that the donor-conceived have plenty to say on DonorMisconception (on Yahoo) the donor-conceived umbrella campaigning group and it points up about what donorship feels like to them.

Seventeen out of twenty adoptees chose to trsce thier roots when birth records were first opened.

They have every right to define thier own reality. Whosedaughter? compiled by Buffalo Girl is a good resourse too.

I can't help but think that the adults invovled in this human trafficking, or those who think it is fine, are just not very child-focused.

And donorship is about children isn't it?

Stella said...

It is terrible that science is meddling with the birds and bees at all actually. X