February 08, 2007

Elizabeth, an aching donor child

Thanks to Michael Linden, I found a blog today that absolutely blew me away. It is at: http://frabjousdays.blogspot.com/

Michael Linden has reproduced one of her blog entries. You HAVE to read the whole thing. I won't repeat the whole entry here as it is long but ABSOLUTELY worth reading. Here is only a little part of what Michael reproduced on his blog. These are the words of Elizabeth:
I am passionately opposed to donor conception, because it deprives children of a basic human right: to know, and be brought up by, their mother and father. It is completely different from adoption, because in that case the child already exists and needs to be cared for. Donor conception exists for the convenience of people who want to be parents. Wanting a baby is a natural desire, but is not to be achieved by unethical means. Why can't infertile people adopt a baby? 'Because it wouldn't be ours.' Why do they privilege the genetic link on the one hand and deny it on the other?
YESSSS!!!! Thank you so much Elizabeth, for courageously saying the truth. Keep it up!!

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Frabjous Days said...

Thanks for your kind words, Veronica!