February 23, 2007

God thinks it's moral - he gave me the baby

Among the comments on my blog, one DI mom produced the strange argument that donor insemination is moral because God approved it by letting her get preagant. She said:
"He is the One who made it possible to have kids through DI, the doctors are just a vessel to accomplish this great thing. If God had not wanted me to have kids through DI, He would not have let me get pregnant twice and carry both kids to term."
What this mom is really saying is: "God let it happen, therefore it must be okay."

Unfortunately that argument doesn't work, because that's not how God works. As everyone has observed in this life, God lets bad things happen all the time. Let's see:

- Illness, suffering and death
- War, famine and natural disasters
- Murder, theft, rape, incest, pedophilia, and all the crimes committed by men against one another

God doesn't stop these things from happening. Does this mean God thinks they are moral? Does it mean God wants them to happen?

Often, criminals benefit from their crimes (for example, they get rich by stealing). Occasionally, children are even born as a result of rape. Does this mean that rape is "moral" because God "made it possible" to have a child through the rape?

This argument just doesn't work.

The fact is, God allows us to do both moral and immoral things, because he gave us free will. We can use science for good or for evil. And strangely, God will allow good things to come from bad things: for example, he will allow rape to bring forth a new, innocent human life. Yet this doesn't ever make the rape good.

We can use science for good ends or bad ends. God will let us create babies and kill them. God will let us create babies and take them away from their parents. We can do lots of bad things, and God will let us. But that doesn't ever mean that he approves, or that he thinks this is moral.


LorMarie said...

I agree that God allows us to make immoral decisions. After all, He allowed you to create a blog bashing wombs He rewarded. What I believe her comment is saying is that only God can make Repro Tech possible. Man can never create life without God.

Are you going to take Wendy up on her offer to speak with her son and other DI conceived young adults? You will be surprised to know that many are greatful for their lives and harbor no ill feelings toward their parent(s).

I don't know how else to put it, but your stance is pretty irrational. I have had people disagree with my choice, but this is extreme.

Anonymous said...

You are twisting this to your own perverted thinking, and I think, that no matter what anyone tries to tell you, you are going to twist it even more. You must have some very strong resentments going on, are you one of those who maybe has tried DI and it didn't work, therefore you bash everyone who was successful? God uses the medical world as a vessel to do His work. I give God the glory for my kids, it is all His doing that made them possible. Lormar is right in her comment, you are totally off-base. God is the One who is in control of even Repro Tech. It may need some fine-tuning, but that is something that can be done without saying Ban Repro Tech altogether. You don't even have a DI child to raise or nurture, how can you say what they feel or go through every day? You are taking a few upset adults who are DI conceived (not so much because they were DI conceived but because they were not told early on in life so it was "sprung" on them maybe when they had thought they had life all figured out, then they had to change their ways of thinking and were hurt by all the secrets) and judging the whole lot of them. That is totally wrong. Judge and you shall be judged likewise. I can't believe you call yourself a Christian. The DI world is changing. People are starting to realize the importance of being honest with how the kids came about. Not all have chosen to hide this fact from their kids. Only the ones who are afraid of people like you judging them for what they decide is best for them. A lot of thinking goes into conceiving a DI child, it is not an accident. The child is wanted long before it is born. And God knows that child long before it is born, all children are part of His plan. He knows them before they are even in the womb. Are you forgetting this verse? God knows each of us before we are formed in the womb or born (Jeremiah 1:4-5). You should not question God's methods.

Veronica Thomas said...

Hi Anonymous and Lormar,

You are both right that new life is not possible without God. Yes, God breathed new life into the babies born through DI.

He did the same whenever a child is conceived from rape, from incest, or from pedophilia (all of which occasionally DO happen - see, for example, http://www.stigmatized.org/ ).

Why does God allow children to be conceived from rape, pedophilia and incest? By your reasoning, it follows that God must approve of those practices too, and that these practices must in effect be "moral".

I'd be interested to know how you explain that.

Veronica Thomas said...

Hi Lormar,

Ryan Kramer is free to join me in dialogue on this site, as are any other DI children - so in that way yes, I am completely open to talking with him and I would indeed be very interested in it.

By the way, I have talked with DI children before, both in person and over email. In addition, there are various DI children's blogs online - see the links at left.

LorMarie said...

God allows children to be conceived from rape because it is the natural order of things that a sperm unites with an egg and creates a baby. The crime of Rape doesn't change that. By your reasoning, you may as well say that sex in and of itself is a sin. Sex is not a sin, only specific circumstances (like rape) make it such.

In the same way, Repro Tech is not a sin. Only certain circumstances within it sinful (like if a woman was forced into it). In the same way, eating is not a sin, over eating is. Yet again, alcohol is not a sin, drunkeness is. Repro Tech is a miracle only possible with the power of God,; therefore, man has nothing to boast about here. You are calling something that God did evil. The last time I checked, the pharisees did the same thing. I wouldn't do that if I were you.

LorMarie said...

Veronica Thomas said:

"By the way, I have talked with DI children before, both in person and over email. In addition, there are various DI children's blogs online - see the links at left."

I've visited their blogs and their problems are not due to DI. Unfortunetly, I would have to say that you are a terrible influence for those people whether they see that or not. You are contributing to their grief instead of "speaking life to them" so to speak. Please allow God to change your way of thinking. If not, I feel sorry for any child(ren) you may have in the future.