February 08, 2007

The Responsibility is With the Mother

It seems that often, the people who are most responsible for stealing a biological parent from their children's lives are the very ones who are supposed to be most loving and closest to them: their mothers. How very tragic. From the stuff I have read, also confirmed below by Plotz's research into the Nobel Sperm Bank, it is often the mothers that drive the engine that leads to donor insemination. Their biological "need" to have children, their desparate and yet self-centered hunger for children, is what often precipitates these travesties. Plotz writes:

The other defining quality of these repository families is that they are hugely matriarchal. All of the mothers I spoke to went to the repository because they wanted to. The husbands were reluctant or ambivalent. (Several had grown-up kids already and didn't want more.) "He had nothing to do with it," says "Joan," a California mother.

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