January 31, 2007

Children hurt when their biological parents are missing from their lives

In a recent article in The Guardian, a woman who discovered she was donor-conceived at 50 years of age says:
"A lot of people think they have a right to have children, regardless of whether the child has any information about their father. It's within this context that you still get people fighting for anonymity among sperm donors which, in light of experiences like mine, seems incredible."
Also from the article:

"This is often coupled with an unresolved sense of loss. People say you can't miss what you haven't had, but no group of people reveal this as being more misguided than people who long to know their paternity. "If it hasn't been worked through - possibly because there is still the hope of one day finding the father - this unmourned loss can occupy a huge inner space of a person's psyche," says Trench.

In many situations, people have not lacked a father figure in their lives, albeit not a genetic dad. Indeed, few people wanting to know more about their biological fathers say they are seeking a paternal relationship. They simply want some questions answered."

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