January 26, 2007

Struggling with Infertility

Yesterday, Oprah had a show on 30-somethings in America, and one of her guests was Jenna, a 34-year-old woman who is struggling with infertility. Click here to read her story on the Oprah website and to view photos. This woman has tried everything, including IVF. She has spent over $40,000. Nothing has been successful so far, but she is not yet giving up.

In watching her story, it struck me how she had such a deep sense of entitlement to children. She already had a big house, she already drove an SUV in preparation for having children. She seemed so single-mindedly determined that she would have children at any cost, because that's what she has decided she wants in life. It was all about her, her, her and what she is supposed to have, have, have.

Speaking as one who does not yet have any children, but who hopes to have them someday, I certainly understand the desire for children. However, there is something unhealthy about this desire taking over our lives to the extent where we are willing to do ANYTHING for it.

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Umbilicly Challenged said...

Veronica I LOVE your blog! Everything I have been trying to say. You get it!! You really get it. Thank you!